I saw Justin Taylor’s post on the ESV Study Bible, and I can relate to Gordon Cheng’s sentiments when it comes to study Bibles, and the bible-thumping that happens with the annotations they contain:

Here at Matthias Media, we read and recommend the English Standard Version Bible, the ESV, as a superior English translation of both Old and New Testaments. So it was with interest and some nervousness that I heard that there is coming, just around the corner now, a new ESV Bible–the ESV Study Bible. Interest because, well, it’s interesting. Nervousness because Study Bibles, no matter how terrific they are, are the bane of every Bible study leader’s life. When you ask “What does the text say?” there will always, always, be the one nerdy member of the group who says “Well, it says here in the explanatory notes that…” The faint thumping sound you hear next is me hitting myself upside of the head prior to saying “Yes, that’s great and thank you but WHAT DOES THE TEXT SAY?!?!?” Veins bulging on neck. Eyes popping out of head. My Bible studies, at least, can be intense affairs.

But this is the ESV Study Bible we’re talking, and with the heightened anticipation of its release, I think it’s worth giving the bible a good look.