Sometimes, I have to let myself live vicariously through another person to experience life elsewhere. Peter Head writes about his visit to Duke Humfrey’s Library at Oxford, where he looks at some manuscripts kept there.

Some highlights from his visit:

P. Oxy 1 (most of a page of the Gospel of Thomas)
P. Oxy 1170 (=P19)
P. Oxy 1597 (= P29)
P. Oxy 2383 (P69)
P. Oxy 4406 (P105);
P. Oxy 4803 (P119); P. Oxy 4804 (P120); P. Oxy 4805 (P121); P. Oxy 4806 (P122)
P. Oxy 4844 (P123); P. Oxy 4845 (P124)

Head provides some additional links to more information on those manuscripts.