Recently posted is a review of the second edition of Richard A. Burridge’s What are the Gospels? A Comparison with Graeco-Roman Biography.

Although Burridge expressed that the genre of biography in the ancient word was flexible, the impression developed by his examples was that it was almost too flexible. An example would be the internal feature of atmosphere. The range which is developed is from serious, seen in Tacitus’ Agricola, to comical, as presented by Satyrus. This range is too broad to be of any use, and almost every work in the ancient times would have fit into this range. Regardless of this and the other critiques noted above, What Are the Gospels? has a number of important insights into the relationship of the Gospels to the literary works of the ancient world. Burridge presents a well thought out and logical argument and his work should be considered when evaluating the genre of the Gospels.