The article “Surprised by Disability” posted by Christianity Today is one solid handling of a very sensitive topic in the life of the church. Recent studies have shown that 90 percent of pregnancy cases known for Down Syndrome are terminated, which is startling data in one sense, but when couples discover the unexpected, such actions are becoming the norm, the article reports.

My heart was emotionally taken when reading this:

All of us are only temporarily abled. We are only a car accident or
stroke away from disability. As Joan Mahler, coordinator of L’Arche
USA, told me, “All of us are abled in some ways and disabled in others.
People with developmental disabilities often help all of us understand
our own brokenness.”

But it is through this charge that I collected myself with some resolve:

Our theology needs to rediscover God’s particular concern for and
identification with the disabled. We worship a God who both healed the
sick and took on our infirmities as the suffering, crucified Savior.
Nancy Eiesland, author of The Disabled God, notes that it’s theologically significant that Jesus’ post-resurrection body still bore the scars.