They have invented to themselves a new Method, which is that the doctrine of Grace should be preached in the first place, & afterwards the revelation of wrath, that by no means forsooth the word Law might be heard or spoken of. This is a curious Crotchet wherein they might please themselves imagining that they can turn and wind the whole Scripture as they list, that so they may be Lux mundi [the light of the world]: But Paul must, and shall be that light, Rom. 1. These men see not how the Apostle teacheth that which is directly opposite to their tenents, denouncing first the wrath of God from Heaven, and making all the world to be sinners and guilty before God; When he hath made them so, then he teacheth further, how they may obtain Grace, and be justified, and this the first three Chapters mightily and clearly evince. But is it not a singular blindness & folly of theirs, to conceit that the manifestation of wrath must be something else, beside the law? which cannot possibly be. For the manifestation of wrath is nothing else, but the Law, where it is acknowledged and felt, according to that of the Apostle, Lex iram operatur [the law worketh wrath—Rom. 4.15.] And have they not now bravely hit it, when in abrogating the Law, they teach it again, by teaching the “Revelation of wrath”? But thus they preposterously put the Cart before the Horse, teaching the Law after the Gospel, and wrath after grace.

–Martin Luther, “A Treatise Against the Antinomians.”