WebMD reports these seven pains, which should not be ignored. My tolerance for pain is not high to begin with, but this is still good to know.

  1. Worst headache of your life (sinus headache, brain hemorrhage, brain tumor)
  2. Pain or discomfort in the chest, throat, jaw, shoulder, arm, or abdomen (pneumonia, heart attack, heart disease, heartburn, angina)
  3. Pain in lower back or between shoulder blades (arthritis, aortic dissection)
  4. Severe abdominal pain (e.g. appendix rupture, pancreas problems, stomach ulcers, intestinal blockages)
  5. Calf pain (due to blood clot)
  6. Burning feet or legs. (esp. pins-and-needles sensation)
  7. Vague, combined, or medically unexplained pains (esp. for debilitating, depressed people)