I don’t try to understand the psychology behind this; I just accept it. From a blog called girltalk is this post on “The Ideal Woman” (HT: Daily Scroll). Very insightful. Perhaps these first few lines ought to get someone (other than myself) intrigued:

She’s the woman we love to hate: the Proverbs 31 woman.

For one thing, she never seems to sleep: “she rises while it is yet
night” and “her lamp does not go out at night.” Her family always has
clean laundry (folded and put away in drawers, no doubt)—they are
clothed in fine linen and purple, the best materials available.

This woman manages her household with skill and wisdom. On the side
she is able to turn a profit in business ventures for the good of her
family. In her spare time she cares for the poor.

She’s strong; she’s wise; she’s godly. And she’s intimidating.