On March 5, 1834, a formal announcement was made at a public meeting for George Müller’s “The Scriptural Knowledge Institution, for Home and Abroad.” Its purposes and principles were that:

  1. Every believer’s duty and privilege is to help on the cause and work of Christ.
  2. The patronage of the world is not to be sought after, depended upon, or countenanced.
  3. Pecuniary aid, or help in managing or carrying on its affairs, is not to be asked for or sought from those who are not believers.
  4. Debts are not to be contracted or allowed for any cause in the work of the Lord.
  5. The standard of success is not to be a numerical or financial standard.
  6. All compromise of the truth or any measures that impair testimony to God are to be avoided.

The objects of the institution were likewise announced as follows:

  1. To establish or aid day-schools, Sunday-schools, and adult-schools, taught and conducted only by believers and on thoroughly scriptural principles.
  2. To circulate the Holy Scriptures, wholly or in portions, over the widest possible territory.
  3. To aid missionary efforts and assist labourers in the Lord’s vineyard everywhere.

These are some things to consider when governing a Christian institution.