I don’t like playing the number game when it comes to ministry, but reading through the biography of George Müller got me to think about how his life became a true testament to a life-long commitment of sacrifice, aptly summed up with these words: “My aim never was, how much I could obtain, but rather how much I could give.”

During the year ending May 26, 1898 [Müller died on March 10, 1898]:

  • The number of day-schools was 7, and of pupils, 354; the number of children in attendance from the beginning, 81,501.
  • The number of home Sunday-schools, 12, and of children in them, 1,341; but from the beginning, 32,944.
  • The number of Sunday-schools aided in England and Wales, 25.
  • The amount expended in connection with home schools, £736 13s. 10d.; from the outset, £109,992 19s. 10d.
  • The Bibles and parts thereof circulated, 15,411; from the beginning, 1,989,266. Money expended for this purpose the past year, £439; from the first, £41,090 13s. 3d.
  • Missionary labourers aided, 115. Money expended, £2082 9s. 6d.; from the outset, £261,859 7s. 4d.
  • Circulation of books and tracts, 3,101,338. Money spent, £1001 3s.; and from the first, £47,188 11s. 10d.
  • The number of orphans on Ashley Down,1620; and from the first, 10,024. Money spent in orphan houses, last year £22,523 13s. 1d.; and from the beginning, £988,829.

‘He hangeth the earth upon nothing’– Job 26:7.

Source: Arthur T. Pierson, George Müller of Bristol and His Witness to a Prayer-Hearing God (1899).