Jay’s Library has put up a review of The Emotionally Healthy Church (HT: djchuang.com). Interesting how spiritual maturity is linked with emotionally maturity:

It didn’t really make sense though–since I immediately equated a “tantrum” in someone else as not only emotional immaturity but also spiritual immaturity. Yet somehow, I overlooked the conjunction of the two in my own approach to spiritual growth. Not any more!

The book offers these four points:

  1. It Is Impossible To Be Spiritually Mature Without Being Emotionally Mature.
  2. To Be Emotionally Mature You Must Be Willing To Look Beneath The Surface.
  3. To Be Emotionally Mature You Must Go Backward To Go Forward.
  4. To Be Emotionally Mature You Must Learn To Manage Pain.

As I recall, I think John Stott had something to say on the maturity of the church.