An editor of InterVarsity Press has posted a rather amusing post on reading the preface and introduction of books:

Sometimes you encounter whimsy and playfulness when you read prefaces. For instance, in John Goldingay’s preface to his forthcoming volume 3 of Old Testament Theology, he’s pleased to note that he did not die before completing the book, which in turn refers to his preface to volume 2, where he said he’d be embarrassed if that did happen before completing volume 3! (And you will read how his disabled wife Ann will set him straight in their first decade together in heaven.)

In fact, I’ll wager that those who don’t read prefaces are the same ones who think “book people” don’t care about people. How wrong they are! We care enough to listen. Who knows? We might even find the author’s grocery list interesting.

I couldn’t resist making a comment on the page.