In a review of Brazier’s Barth and Dostoevsky, David W. Congdon writes:

Brazier describes the primary aim of his project as an attempt “to demonstrate that exposure to the writings and thereby the theology of the Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky affected the development of the theology of Karl Barth” (2). More concretely, Brazier seeks to show that Dostoevsky’s beliefs influenced Barth’s theological anthropology, and specifically his understanding of sin and grace. Brazier locates this influence primarily in the period of August 1915 to August 1916 and secondarily in 1918-21, during the rewriting of Barth’s Römerbrief. McCormack’s research is taken for granted: “This work takes the conclusions of Bruce McCormack as a given and as a base line. Nothing in this work contradicts his – merely fills the gaps” (3).

(HT: Ben Myers)