This is not to condone smoking in any way, but I can’t tell if this drink product “Liquid Smoking” is a marketing gimmick, or it really does “take the edge off,” as claims:

The drink, called Liquid Smoking, has already proved a hit in the Netherlands where it has been on sale for a year.

Dutch suppliers United Drinks and Beauty Corporation, hopes the drink will be on sale here before Christmas as they aim to target the opposite end of the energy drinks market.

The manufacturers say it does not contain the drug nicotine, but rather a mix of roots from South African plants which is said to give “a slight energising effect, followed by a euphoric sense of calming and relaxation.”

It has less than 21 calories per 275ml can and would cost £1.50 in the shops.

Although there will be no lower age limit to buy it, the makers believe it should not be drunk by anyone under 15.

For the record: I’m not tempted to try this drink in any way.