How does Exxon still have a record-breaking quarter in an economic slump like this? Here’s what bloggingstocks reports:

Another record breaking quarter for the world’s largest oil company, as Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) put up some huge numbers once again for its third quarter, surpassing its previous quarterly records.

For its third quarter, the company earned an amazing $14.83 billion. Net income jumped by 58% in the quarter, and worked out to an earnings per share of $2.86 for the July through September period, a time when oil and gasoline prices were both running at record high levels.

So just how impressive is this new record profit amount? Pretty impressive when you consider the previous record, which of course Exxon also held, was “only” $11.68 billion, set in the second quarter of this year. That is a pretty nice jump.

Shares of the company’s stock are trading up 1.3% immediately following the announcement in premarket trading.

CNN calls Exxon’s profitable quarter the biggest profit in U.S. history.