Tim Keller explains why he wrote yet another book The Prodigal God, due out today (HT: Vitamin Z):

Just last fall I wrote an article in the newsletter telling you that “Yes, I wrote a book,” The Reason for God, which came out in February 2008. It has been bought and distributed much more widely than I had ever imagined it would be. This is to tell you that I’ve got another volume coming out this fall. (I’m not as prolific as that might seem; both manuscripts were finished at the same time, after years of work!)

The new book is entitled The Prodigal God and it should be out October 30. It is an expansion of my sermon on the Prodigal Son parable in Luke 15. Kathy and I have long felt that this was the clearest and best single exposition of the gospel I’ve been able to do over the years. My interpretation of the parable was originally based on a sermon called “Sharing the Father’s Welcome” that I heard preached by Dr. Edmund P. Clowney over 35 years ago. That sermon had a profound impact on how I preached for the rest of my ministry. In some ways the teaching of this sermon is at the very foundation of Redeemer’s ministry. I have preached on the text three times at Redeemer over the years. The initial time was in the first several weeks of our church’s life in 1989.The second was about ten years later, and the last time was to start off the 2005 Vision Campaign. Each time I felt God helping me get deeper into the meaning of the story. .After the 2005 sermon, I began to turn it into a short book.

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