It’s good see that this Bible is selling well, but you have to start thinking whether this is just another band wagon effect. The publishers, I think, has done a phenomenal job marketing its release: the demand prior to its release was so high that the first 100,000 copies were sold out before the release date in mid-October. Does this number include all those that were given away by booksellers? I’m sure it does. People buy books in mass quantities for number-bragging rights, and it’s nothing short of an ingenious way of marketing the book: a small number of people buys the first 100,000 copies, tell others that 100,000 copies have been sold, and then sell X times 100,000 copies more.

Having said all that, the ESV Study Bible still appears to be a remarkable achievement, as explains why this Bible is so great (HT: Vitamin Z):

For starters, the 2,750-page accomplishment is loaded with detailed
maps, timelines and articles. It contains over 200 full-color maps
based on images captured using NASA satellite technologies, more than
100 articles on a wide range of topics ranging from worship to
religious cults, and about 40 detailed illustrations on historic sites
and artifacts such as Solomon’s Temple and Jerusalem.

Those who purchase a hardcopy also receive free access to the online version of the study Bible.

I firmly stand behind the people behind the ESV Study Bible–the scholars, editors, and yes, the marketing team (including the booksellers, pastors, publishers) behind the cultic magic.