I came across a review of Bruce W. Longenecker’s Narrative Dynamics in Paul: A Critical Assessment, which I just had the pleasure of reading not too long ago. The review by Gert J.C. Jordaan begins with this:

During the last two decades interest in the narratival aspects of Pauline texts has risen dramatically. Inspired by this development, Bruce Longenecker launched a project to assess the possibilities and feasibility of a narrative approach to Paul, focused on Galatians and Romans. For this purpose he selected twelve well-qualified contributors, of whom five eventually wrote essays on basic Pauline narrative aspects (on God and creation, on Israel, on Jesus, on Paul, and on predecessors and inheritors), five others provided critical responses, and the remaining two wrote final assessment essays. As a result, this book is more than a mere collection of independent essays on a common theme. It contains the published outcomes of a well-organized project.

Well put. The rest of the review is quite good, as is the collection itself.