Euthanasia has been legalized in Washington, and now, some physicians there are still wary of the “end-of-life measure” and acting on it. According to a Seattle news source, physicians are speaking up about I-1000:

The morning after state voters convincingly passed a measure to allow terminally ill patients to request a lethal prescription from their physicians, the phones rang at the Washington State Medical Association.

Two doctors asked Wednesday if they had to comply if their patients sought help to end their lives after Initiative 1000 takes effect July 1.

“There’s no requirement if physicians aren’t comfortable with honoring their patients’ wishes,” association spokeswoman Jennifer Hanscom said.

The task of learning how to implement I-1000 in Washington is under way, with information given to doctors and training scheduled for hospice workers on an issue called “aid in dying” by supporters and “physician-assisted suicide” by detractors.

“We’ve been opposed and are still opposed,” Hanscom said. “But we’ll work with our organization to make sure patients know that it will be the law. We’re not going to be barriers to that.”

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