My major perspective is that of the NT interpreter, and I relate to the OT as that part of Biblical Theology for which human limitation compels me to lean on colleagues who specialize in it. Every science nowadays requires a certain division of labor, which, however, must not be allowed to degenerate, as it often does, into ever smaller compartments of specialization ending up in mental atrophy. The relationships between NT and OT are and must remain manifold; they should not be reduced to simplistic slogans – even though it is the slogans, not the subtleties, that sell books. On the other hand, complete separation of OT and NT, now fashionable in many places, leads small minds to glorify ignorance mutually and to form self-congratulating cliques. Among other things, Biblical Theology requires that we constantly keep a watchful eye on each other, an attentiveness that applies to the other subdivisions of religious studies as well.

–Hans Dieter Betz, in his review of James Barr’s The Concept of Biblical Theology, An Old Testament Perspective.