Harrison Scott Key from WorldmagBlog tackles the question that The New Yorker is asking: “Why do so many evangelical teenagers become pregnant?” The answer is rather saddening, and it’s because the pregnant teens are having their babies.

“Why do so many evangelical teenagers become pregnant?”  This is a question The New Yorker asks, and it’s a tricky one.  Why do so many red-state adolescent girls – the ones who sign abstinence pledges and go to church camp and join the Fellowship of Christian Athletes – get knocked up, whereas their blue-state counterparts do not?  The easy answer, the one that blue-state eggheads want to proffer, is that conventional conservative and religious approaches to sex are outmoded and ineffective and even more dangerous than progressive sex education.  The more complicated answer is, well, complicated.  Conservative families value. . . family.  Even when the newest member is born out of wedlock.  So that’s one reason conservative and pregnant teenagers end up having their babies.  The statistics are really not encouraging for evangelicals, though.

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