“What would you change about your religion: Christianity?” A college student at the University of Washington has written in the daily student paper to talk about the Christian faith. Very creative.

I wish Christianity was sexy cool.

If it were, Shakespearean poets would read scripture under dim spotlights in coffee shops, Obama would quote Billy Graham and CHID would probably create a whole new series of classes on extraneous theology.

However, Jesus was all about humility, and coolness only serves to fulfill our pride. So with sexiness off the list, I wouldn’t change anything about Christendom.

At this point the average reader says, “I know a Christian. He’s a hypocrite and a jerk. Why don’t you change that?”

In my pride, it would be easy to say that I’d change such people, but I’m not God. I’m not sovereign like He is. To say I would change my faith is to say I have better judgment than God.

I don’t know God’s plan for the world, but I know He is just.

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