Next week, Peter Rollins’ The Fidelity of Betrayal is scheduled to be released. In this book, Christians are encouraged to “wrestle with and betray their religion.” I don’t think Brian McLaren is behind it, but believe it or not, they say it’s part of the emerging church movement. After reading the Boston Herald’s article on it, I honestly have never read anything more confusing. Rollins says this in the interview:

Whenever I talk about betraying Christianity, I’m talking about a structure within Christianity itself. Christianity gives words for God, but at the same time says that God is so much bigger and better than those words can describe. What’s beautiful about Christianity for me is that it involves the priesthood, rituals, and structures that have existed for thousands of years, and yet at the same time it involves challenging them and undermining them.

At IKON, for one example, we go to other groups [to] be evangelized. We go from Islamic groups to Jewish groups, Buddhist groups, humanist groups. We even went to Scientology a few months ago. We challenge ourselves, so that we don’t become comfortable with our own beliefs. We’re there to learn what makes those groups tick.

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