Ed Young from Fellowship Church has definitely grabbed some headlines with this “sex challenge,” but seriously, I’m scratching my head, because there are people in his congregation who are young and not married. Should these young people be heeding this message too, so as to not let true love wait? Dallas Morning News has the story:

God may have rested on the seventh day, but the Rev. Ed Young wants married couples to have sex all week long.

Once a day. Beginning this Sunday.

The call to action will headline Mr. Young’s Sunday sermon at Grapevine-based Fellowship Church. He plans to deliver his challenge while sitting on a bed.

“I won’t be dressed in pajamas,” the pastor says.

In these days of financial crisis, rampant divorce and debates over same-sex marriage, it’s time, he says, to turn the “whining” into “whoopee.”

“Sex is like Super Glue. It’s a spiritual thing, an emotional thing,” he says.

And the marriage thing, he believes, should only involve a man and woman. God’s way, he says.

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