I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve become this WebMD junkie this past year. I think I’ve posted a lot of articles on health and health care to keep myself up-to-date, and have some things to say at the dinner table with family members in the field.

So this posting on the “good-enough” marriage is quite intriguing. In one sense, it could be considered a secular take on marriage, but if anything, I find it to be some insightful social commentary:

“We live in a culture where we’re being told through all forms of media, ‘Don’t accept anything but the best.’ We all marry ‘the wrong person.’ I think the real challenge of marriage is to get out of the romantic, over-idealized phase and into the ‘now what’ phase. Making adjustments, modifying expectations, and settling is something that happens throughout the entire relationship, not just the day you stand in front of the altar,” [Scott Haltzman, MD] tells WebMD. “We need to broaden our view of what acceptable means.”

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