Days leading up to SBL in Boston, N.T. Wright was in Cambridge, Mass., delivering a series of lectures for Harvard students:

The words “hope” and change” still echo in college students’ ears across the country, but in Cambridge, Mass., last week an Anglican bishop, not a politician, uttered them.

Bishop and theologian N.T. Wright addressed about 1,100 Harvard University students on the origins of hope in a series of lectures sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, packing the on-campus Askwith Auditorium, November 18-20. Basing his lectures on his book Surprised by Hope, Wright said Christianity is the answer for those who want to change the world.

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I actually ran into him at SBL, and asked about being put on the spot on the Colbert Report. His answer: “As a bishop, you’re always put on the spot.”