Christianity Today has a publication targeted toward leadership issues (Leadership Journal). A recent article titled “Missional Shift or Drift?” presents the finding of a survey recently conducted. Though a shift is clearly taking place, the writer asks “should we celebrate or repent?”

Survey says:

  • Less pastors are emphasizing the future reality of heaven than ten years ago.
  • Pastors are focusing more on the Gospels than on the Epistles. Congregations are affirming the whole gospel.
  • More pastors believe the gospel is advanced by demonstration and not simply proclamation.
  • More pastors say the goal of evangelism is to grow “the” church rather than to grow “my” church. Congregations are not looking to the megachurch model.
  • More pastors believe in partnering with other local churches to accomplish their missions.
  • Emphasis is being placed on the people, not on programs; and, on the “everyday” rather than just the “Sunday.”