According to Robin Scroggs, these are the five essentials of the anthropology of Adam:

  1. Nature. Man is unique in the created order, because he was created from dirt and the breath of God.
  2. Wisdom. Man is able to name animals with wisdom. Man is also able to discern.
  3. Work. Man is a tiller of the soil.
  4. Sexual awareness. Man engages in procreation of human life.
  5. Mortality. Man is mortal, subject to death.

Furthermore, the first Adam helps to explain the second Adam:

To see the true man as a complete reality in the present, the believer can look only to Christ the Lord, who as Last Adam is the man God intends all men to be. Christology cannot be dissolved into anthropology; rather anthropology is derived from Christology.

Source: Robin Scroggs, The Last Adam: A Study in Pauline Anthropology.