Right to Die? A documentary is set to air today in the UK, which covers the assisted suicide of Chris Ewert. What has the world come to? America is not to far off, after legalizing “dying with dignity” in Washington and Oregon. This is from the promotional page on sky.com:

The controversy over a person’s right to die at a time and place of their own choosing has become focused on the Swiss organization Dignitas.

Dignitas, in Zurich Switzerland, is the only place where a person seeking an assisted suicide can legally be helped to die, no matter where they are from – or what their state of health.

This was released by the SPUC today:

We are concerned that focusing upon one particular case will have a disproportionate effect upon the debate on assisted suicide, skewing viewer’s perceptions. Many people, including patients themselves, often don’t know that palliative care is highly successful in alleviating the symptoms of motor neurone disease. Craig Ewert’s fears about his quality of life and the effect on his family could have been properly addressed with correct medical advice and full personal support. We fear the documentary will obscure the broader issues of how allowing assisted suicide devalues human life and endangers the vulnerable.