From the Baptist Press:

MAYFIELD, Ky. (BP)–I have had a lifelong interest in the 16th president of the United States. Like Abraham Lincoln, I was born in Kentucky, but I was named for his opponent in the 1860 election.

Lincoln lived a life of many contrasts, but the biggest paradox was his complex views concerning his faith. Never did an American President quote the sacred Scripture more than Lincoln, yet he was never baptized. He never joined a church and he always declined requests to publicly explain his views on faith.

Surprising even to many 21st-century Baptists, Lincoln had Baptist roots. Samuel Lincoln, who reached these shores from England in the 1600s, was a Puritan/Congregationalist. The Lincoln family migrated westward and crossed the Appalachian Mountains, where they were exposed to Baptist teaching. Thomas Lincoln, Abraham’s father, joined Baptist churches in Kentucky and later in Indiana. His entire immediate family, with the exception of Abraham, joined the Little Pigeon Baptist Church in Indiana. […]