This WorldMag’s interview with Charles Murray has left quite an impression on me. I haven’t been able to forget what Murray had to say, though I haven’t been entirely sold on buying his book. I do have to say though that I’ve had to revisit the article a few times to make sure I understood exactly what he had to say.

Murray says that America has become overly obsessed with the Bachelor of Arts degree. Simply put: the B.A. is not a measure of educational success.

Suppose that you have enough intellectual ability to get through a college today and get a B.A., and you want to be a business executive. But suppose you have very average interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and not great intellectual ability. You can’t look at the average for business executives, because in the things that make great business executives you’re going to be competing against people who are a lot stronger than you are, in terms of charm, perseverance, intelligence, and everything else.

Though I am not in any way compelled to look down on the B.A., it’s definitely a starting point. I do want make sure that a student is never complacent with a mere college degree, as if it’s the end all solution to happiness in life.