A blogger doesn’t like the idea of “texting Jesus into your heart”:

Becoming a disciple of Jesus just got a lot easier, thanks to your cell phone.

I’m on the record about the public invitation or “altar call,” as revivalists like to call here. (Here, here, and here.)

I don’t like it. Why? Read the posts, but for now, let’s look at one reason: You walk the aisle, you can say you’re a Christian. In most revivalistic contexts, it’s strongly implied- or absolutely assumed- that walking forward makes you a Christian.

Aisle walking, altar call invitationalism replaced baptism in the revivalistic tradition as the visible proclamation of personal faith in Christ. It also had the advantage of being non-negotiable in the mind of many “converts.” Before you said a word to anyone, you’d already “walked the aisle.” If you evangelist had done his job, “walking forward” at that meeting was all the assurance you would need for the rest of your life. […]