From NYTimes“Oklahoma Couple Finds Answers in a Book”:

It began in the autumn of 2007 in an evangelical megachurch near Houston, the Fellowship of the Woodlands. The senior pastor there, Kerry Shook, ran into a friend and longtime congregant, Jimmy Dowden. Mr. Dowden said that his prostate cancer had spread and that doctors had given him about six months to live.

“We’ll pray for you,” Mr. Shook recently recalled having told Mr. Dowden.

“You don’t need to pray for me,” Mr. Dowden replied. “I need to pray for you and the congregation. I’m not distracted by life anymore. I know exactly what I need to do.”

That exchange inspired Mr. Shook and his wife and colleague, Chris Shook, to write their book, “One Month To Live,” by early 2008. It combined life lessons, practical advice, gentle theology, quotes from Mother Teresa, Helen Keller and a panoply of religious leaders — and an audacious, even morbid confrontation with mortality. The Shooks expected it to be useful mostly for the fellowship’s 16,000 members. […]