A NYT Op-Ed column pointed me to a study released by the Pew Forum entitled “Faith in Flux,” which reports that more people with non-religious upbringings are flocking to churches to fill their spiritual void rather than those with childhood indoctrination. The columnist writes:

So what was the reason for this flight of the unchurched to churches?

Did God appear in a bush? Did the grass look greener on the other side of the cross? Or was it a response to the social pressure of being nonreligious in a very Christian country?

None of those reasons topped the list. Most said that they first joined a religion because their spiritual needs were not being met. And the most-cited reason for settling on their current religion was that they simply enjoyed the services and style of worship.

For these newly converted, the nonreligious shtick didn’t stick. There was still a void, and communities of the faithful helped fill it. […]