“What is the center of Paul’s theology?” Frank Thielman asks in Theology of the New Testament. Here are some answers among theologians:

  • Grace of Christ (Thomas Aquinas)
  • Justification by faith alone apart from human effort (Martin Luther, and many Protestants since)
  • Christ and what he has done for us (many Roman Catholic interpreters)
  • Redemptive history (Herman Ridderbos)
  • Reconciliation (R. P. Martin)
  • Christ’s resurrection (Paul J. Achtemeier)
  • The apocalyptic triumph of God in the death and resurrection of Christ (J. Christiaan Beker)
  • God’s glory in Christ (Thomas R. Schreiner)
  • The contribution of Father, Son, and Spirit to salvation (Joseph Plevnik)
  • God’s graciousness toward his weak and sinful creatures (Frank Thielman)